O śliwkach kalifornijskich

Oryginalna super-żywność


noun: superfood ; noun in the plural: superfoods
foods rich in nutrients, recognized as particularly beneficial to health and well-being.

Dried plums are undoubtedly one of the first superfoods, and prunes from California are the height of perfection! As the largest producer and supplier of the best dried plums in the world, California exports its extraordinary super-food – known for its legendary taste and excellent quality – to more than 72 countries.

It is not surprising that Poles are in a group demanding these ultra-healthy, highly nutritional (more information in the section – Nutritional and health properties ) and delicious miracle-fruits. California plums are an obligatory product in every home, ideally suited as a convenient, nutritious snack or as a universal component of many dishes.

Thanks to the support of many of the best culinary stars and dieters, the sale of California plums in Poland is constantly growing. Today, they can be found in grocery stores chains, as well as in neighborhood stores as well as in leading health food stores. To buy original dried plums from sunny California, just look at the packaging for information on the country of origin (California or USA) to make sure that we buy dried plums of the highest quality.

California Prune Board

At the California Prune Board, subject to the Secretary of Food and Agriculture of the State of California, there are 800 fruit farmers and confectioners making prunes from California , making it the largest producer of prunes in the world . Dried plums from California are widely appreciated, thanks to their excellent quality , obtained through rigorous harvesting techniques applied in the region and strict quality control.

California Prune Board is responsible for marketing California plums and actively promotes its “designer” plums among consumers and business customers in Poland and Europe. From 1986, the marketing campaign includes:

  • Advertising, PR and commercial promotion
  • Market research
  • Production, processing and nutrition research
  • education

Pionierskie badania

In addition to providing amazing prunes and playing a central role in creating the plum category in Europe, the California Prune Board also leads the way in supporting world-class, breakthrough research into the broad health and nutritional benefits of incorporating prunes into the diet. California Prune Board’s investment in nutritional research has been recognized by the health statement of the European Commission in 2013, which confirms that eating 100g of prunes a day has a beneficial effect on intestinal function . As a natural authority in the industry and the leader of the California Prune Board category, it does not cease in cooperation with scientists to verify further important health claims.

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